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My First Ever Anais Nin Encounter

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Anais nin has definitely made up to my “Favorite Classic Women” category.

I remember meeting her six months ago, as I read the introductory page of her book, the Delta of Venus published by Penguin classic, I instantly fall in love. ♥

Actually, I bought this book for a friend who swears by the Author. And I ended up having this one only for myself instead. Haha!

So let me talk about Delta of Venus and my first encounter with Anais Nin.

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Anais Nin is an author famous for her erotic novels like Delta of Venus, Henry and June, Little Birds, and so on. I was first fascinated by her views about the world, feminism, and sex (well, I did a little research before reading the book), then I was lulled into her world because I like her imagination, her way with words, and how it resembles poetry though it’s a straight-face collection of short stories.

I was in love with her (no homo!) and I was in love with Delta of Venus and her flexibility in writing.

Delta of Venus is actually a collection of erotic short stories made by Anais Nin for a living in the 1940s. It’s like 50 Shades of Grey, only it’s more sensible and it’s classier. 

This is Anais Nin. ooh. ♥

This is Anais Nin. ooh. ♥

Over all, I do loved the book and the author, and I will definitely buy her other works. 🙂


Kimberly. ♥


P.S. More Book Posts to Come

P.S. More Book Posts to Come

Nothing could ever go wrong with books. And I am currently enjoying my book galore this month and in the coming months. If you have been my follower on Instagram (yes, I have instagram: @kimbhearlyjane) you might have seen my pending books to read.

I have been reading since god knows when, and I have never felt so alone. From the nursery rhymes in my kindergarten stage, to the good old fairy tales in my pre-teen years, to the cheesy chick-lit in my teenage years, up to the hardcore fictions that I’m really, really fond of right now. I have created different worlds, and I have been to different places. All in the comforts of the fragile pages of my books and the companionship of my cup of coffee.

The night is over and the sun is beginning to rise as the ghost of Hannibal Lecter haunts me. I must sleep now, and I hope to dream about my fictional characters tonight.

Kimmy. ♥

More book posts to come. 🙂

One of My Favorite Angela’s Ashes Moments

One of My Favorite Angela's Ashes Moments

So I’m currently reading Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes and for some reasons, I’m beginning to love Ireland, the Irish, and the Guiness Beer. Haha!

Just wanted to share this quote though. And please do wait for my book review about this. 🙂

Kimmy ♥

Food for the Thought. :)

Food for the Thought. :)

I saw this photo in Facebook. And I just love it.

Happiness is surely where your heart is.

Neal Shusterman’s Antsy Does Time Book Review

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Antsy Does Time

Antsy Does Time

Hi guys! Who’s up for another book review? 🙂

Me, of course. 🙂

I’ve been a book slave this summer so yeah, I have tons of book reviews on hand for this blog. If you’re my friend in Goodreads, I’m sure you already know what books I’ve read and what I’m currently reading.

This post is entitled to Neal Shusterman’s Antsy Does Time, a sequel to his first book, The Schwa was Here.

Unlike The City of Ember (My previous blog post) I didn’t get this book at Makati Cinema Square’s Booksale. Actually, I got this At National Bookstore in Greenbelt 3. The bookstore is on sale and this is one of those books that caught my attention because of its synopsis (See, I always read the synopsis before buying. I don’t know why, but some books are really, really trashy.) and it’s only 50 pesos ($1.25). I’m so tempted.

I’ve read this  book on my way to the office and back. It’s a long drive (and an exhausting one) and I don’t have my earphones with me.

Antsy Does Time is a humor-packed, interesting, and unpredictable book. (I have a knack for unpredictable books. The thing I hate most is guessing exactly what will happen to characters in the end.) Once, I read it on my way to the office and I just can’t keep myself from smiling and giggling. When I look up, everybody in the van’s looking at me weirdly, like I was some kind of lunatic. LOL

Anyway, here’s the plot of the Story:

The story started on Thanksgiving Day, and an incident at the Empire State Building marks the start of Antsy’s whole crazy idea. (Antsy’s the protagonist) He learned that his friend Gunnar Umlaut has a serious illness and only has six months to live. So he got this idea one afternoon, while Gunnar works on his own tombstone (Gunnar’s quite obsessed with his impending death). On a piece of paper, he wrote a contract saying that he, Antsy Bonano, is giving a month of his life to Gunnar Umlaut. And that life contract goes viral in Brooklyn. People here and there starts to give a month of their life to Gunnar.

It’s crazy, it’s funny, and it’s moving  at the same time. Reader’s will be glad to meet all the characters and enjoy them as they became part of something huge, yet something totally useless. I didn’t want to give anymore details about the book’s plot because I’m afraid I’ll spoil it for those who want to read it. Don’t judge the plot, because believe me, the climax and the ending make this book worth reading. 😉

The Schwa was Here

The Schwa was Here

Neal Shusterman

Neal Shusterman

As for Neal Schusterman, the author of the book, his writing style is witty and reader friendly. It’s ironic that he’s able to make the book very complicated in a simple way. I haven’t read the sequel of Antsy Does Time which is The Schwa was Here, but the former doesn’t made me feel left out just because I haven’t read the latter yet.

What more can I say? 5 stars for Antsy Does Time! 🙂

Have you read it? talk to me!




Jeanne DuPrau’s The City of Ember Book Review

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The City of Ember

The City of Ember

My stay in Makati for my Internship is actually a book-hunt experience. I’m fully aware that Booksale (it’s a shop selling secondhand books.) are everywhere, But this certain Booksale in Makati Cinema Square is the perfect definition of heaven for bookworms and bargain hunters like me!

The titles ranges from The Reader, Middlesex, Sophie Kinsella’s collections, The Lovely Bones, and even Lord of the Rings box set which is completely brand new. Almost all of their books (or at least, those titles and authors that I like most) are in good condition. You won’t see a single torn pages or any writings.

I feel bad I didn’t take pictures though. Just to make you, my readers, see how big the shop is and how good their book collections are.

Anyway, I got this book entitled The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. I first encountered this book in K-Zone (a kid’s magazine) way back in 2006, and since then, I always included this in my to-read list and vowed to buy it the next time I go to Bookstores.

But I haven’t seen this book since it’s featured in that K-Zone Magazine. So Imagine my grin when I saw this at Makati Cinema Square’s Booksale Branch. Yes, you guessed it right, I bought it! Oh well.

Jeanne DuPrau

Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember is a story about saving the civilizations and making an underground escape for them. This underground escape is so dark that the people of Ember lived in the darkness, having only light bulbs as their source of light. No sun and no moon, just light bulbs.

but after 200 years or more, there are frequent shortages and black out in the whole city, the protagonists Lina and Doon embark on a journey to find what might save them.

They’ve learned that the mayor is a fraud, that an instruction was given but Lina’s baby sister Poppy chewed it, that there’s a secret passage in the Pipeworks, and that everyone was actually against them except a few.

What will Lina and Doon do? Find out the answer when you read the book yourself. 😉

The City of Ember's map.

The City of Ember’s map.

DuPrau’s way of writing is good almost like J.K. Rowling’s. The whole story is unpredictable, as it make the readers entertained and see the moral of the story. It’s reader-friendly and perfect for kids and adults to enjoy.

Thumbs up for DuPrau!

There are three more sequels to this book, Next to The City of Ember is The People of Sparks, Prophet of Yonwood, and The Diamond of Darkhold. There’s also a movie adaptation of this book staring Saoirse Ronan as Lina and Harry Treadaway as Doon. I haven’t watched it though, but I will.


The People of Sparks

The Prophet of Yonwood

The Prophet of Yonwood

The Diamond of Darkhold

The Diamond of Darkhold


The City of Ember Movie

Anyway, what are you reading right now? Talk to me! 🙂



Book Review: The Stars Can Wait by Jay Basu

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I’ve been looking out for books to read in order to achieve my 60 books for 2013 (visit my goodreads for more infos.) so far, I’m on my fifth book (Silence of the Lambs) Anyway, I’ve finished reading Jay Basu’s very first novel, The Stars can Wait. and I must say, this book is the most tragic book I’ve ever encountered next to Romeo and Juliet. And it makes me sad how stupid people can be. Ugh!


So the story goes with Gracian, a boy that’s so in love with stars. A little Galileo in the era of German invasion in the 1940’s. the life was hard, a life filled with inequality, dominance, and dictatorship. You get the idea. But little Gracian was nonchalant to all this. To him, what matters most is the stars and himself. I guess he was blinded by the stars. Remember that feeling when you really want something and you will do anything to achieve it? I think that’s what he feels. I kind of understand him, I’ve been there.


Gracian has an older brother, Pawel. A man that’s so reserved and packed with so many secrets and the story mostly evolves in Gracian trying to know and unlock Pawel’s secrets.

The Stars can Wait isn’t a story about a young boy wanting to be Galileo. It evolves in the young boy’s nonchalance to what’s happening in the society, and when the truth finally hit him, it’s too late.


My copy of The Stars can wait is from the Public Library of the city of Beverly. :))

This is one is so sad yet so compelling. I love how the story is not unpredictable, and Basu’s writing style is excellent without being too overwhelming.

If you happen to bump to your town’s library or to the book sale and found this gem, try to read it. It’s worth it. 🙂

By the way, this is Jay Basu. :)

By the way, this is Jay Basu. 🙂



Kimberly ❤

I swear, We’re Infinite – A Book Review of Perks of Being a Wallflower

“We accept the love we think we deserve” – Stephen Chbosky, Perks of Being a Wallflower.

I’ve known the book since the beginning of it. I’ve read some reviews and put it on my to-read list, but four years have past and I still haven’t got my hands on this book. The book mainly because before, it was nowhere to be found except on ebay and amazon.

Now, Stephen Chbosky’s first novel became so famous that I can see it anywhere. Even the local bookstores have it. So anyway, finally, I borrowed my friend’s copy of the book in order to read it.

My Friend's copy of the book. :)

My Friend’s copy of the book. 🙂

Mainly because I’m growing old and my taste in books changes, Perks of Being a Wallflower is a little too young for my taste, I think. but don’t get me wrong, it was still good, real good. And if only I was a year younger, I would definitely make this my favorite book.

Charlie has some issues. His past, his present, his future, all is nothing but a blur. That’s when he found his real friends Sam, Patrick and the whole gang. And the story revolves around his unconditional love for Sam, coping up with high school, discovering his vices and forgiving himself for the past.

This made me teary-eyed, well I’m always crying when it comes to books. haha!

The Movie adaptation

The Movie adaptation

Anyway, the movie adaptation of the book didn’t meet my expectations at all. Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and  Ezra Miller is the perfect cast, but the story in the movie is a little far from the book. I didn’t even see a single cigarette! The most disappointing of it all is that Stephen Chbosky is also the director.

Over-all, if you haven’t read the book, the movie’ll be good. But if you have read the book and raise your expectation of the movie, I’m afraid the movie’ll disappoint you.


Kimberly ♥

Book Review: Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Book Cover

Yes, the title is really 10 words.

Mark Haddon’s First ever attempt in Adult Non fiction is a  huge success. I haven’t read any of his works before this, but I am well aware that he  writes Children’s stories (I kind of search his biography before reading this.)

I thought the book’s about mystery or suspense because of the title. But it turns out that the book is some kind of a diary entry or memoir of a 15-year old boy with autism. It was unique in a way. Diving into an autistic boy’s point of view is somewhat entertaining.

15 year-old Christopher Boone is autistic. But remove all the negative impression you have about autism, I would rather call Christopher gifted and very logical. He has a clear view of what he wants, how he can have it, and why he wants it. Everything is based on logic and patterns. Red cars means its a good day, while yellow cars means its a bad day. He also knows what he believes in and knows clearly why he believes in them.

Suddenly, he began to write a book when one of their neighbor’s dog was killed. He then embarked on an investigation as to who killed the dog and why. With his autism, anti-social personality, and so many other hindrances, he’s determined to know who killed the dog to be able to write a book about it.

Christopher is such a nice, sweet and honest kid. Many of us who didn’t encounter or haven’t live with autistic kids on a day to day basis thought that they are hard and difficult to live with, that they are moody, that they’re stupid and that they’re pretty much useless. But having read the book, I’ve come to realized that we can’t judge people because we aren’t in their shoes.

This is such a heart-warming novel, there are so many twists (Which I dare not tell here to avoid spoilers. :P) and the plot is not predictable at all, which is a good thing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a break  from fantasy and chick-flick novels. I will definitely read Haddon’s other works like A Spot of Bother, The Red House, and Boom.

The author, Mark Haddon

Thinking of what to read next? give this a try. 🙂

Happy reading. 🙂


Kimberly ♥

Movie Review: We Need to Talk about Kevin

We Need to talk about Kevin

Since I’m on vacation and I finally have my break from school, I wanted to spend my free hours on watching movies and reading books. So I’ve started my first set of Movie Marathon.

I’ve been crushing on Ezra Miller since I’ve seen the Perks of Being a wallflower poster. I’ve been searching for his movies, and I’ve bumped into We Need to Talk about Kevin. I began to search for the trailer and I learned that We Need to talk about Kevin won the British Independent film award, Russell Smith award and other awards for Best screenplay, best actress, best film and so on, so forth.

I’m not familiar with the film and the book. (Its a shame, I know) but based on the reviews and the trailer itself, it tickles my curiosity. And when it tickles my curiosity, I know I’ll like it.

The film was directed by Lynn Ramsay, and it was based on a novel of Lionel Shriver. The cast is somewhat new to me except from Ezra Miller, of course, who played the role of Kevin. Tilda Swinton played as Eva, Kevin’s Mom. And John C. Reilly played as Franklin,  Kevin’s dad.

The story is somewhat creepy in a way. What’s more chilling is that Kevin’s mind is unreadable, you don’t know what’s going on in that head of his. And I think that’s where the horror is, when you have no single idea on what a person is going to do next. Later in the movie, *Spoiler alert* He killed his Father and sister, then he killed his schoolmates.

I don’t want to elaborate the movie, to save you from having that “Hey, I knew it would happen” kind of feeling. But the movie is good, it’ll made you think.

The movie revolves to Eva’s flashbacks. That’s why most of the time, the viewer’s sympathy will be on her side. I’m not surprised though, I pity Eva. The society believes that whatever the child turned out to be, it would always be the parents’ fault. Kevin killed his schoolmates in a massacre, and it was Eva’s fault because she’s Kevin’s mother.

The movie’s good though, it’s unique. The thrill is realistic. I would recommend it if you really want a reel watch.

Ezra Miller as Kevin. Who would hate him? he’s so hot. ♥

Tilda Swinton as Eva, Kevin’s mom.

John Reilly as Franklin, Kevin’s dad.



If you want to watch the trailer, click on here: We Need to Talk about Kevin Trailer

Anyway, have a good watch. 🙂


Kimberly ♥