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Chanel Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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Chanel brings back the regal age of Baroque period with their F/W 14-15 collection. Some of the pieces are made of golds and reds while others stayed true to Chanel’s black and white palette.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-31I have a knack for carefree and classy clothing, and Chanel’s latest collection gives me no option but drool over those pretty, laid-back dresses. Karl Lagerfeld impressed me a lot because I’m not a fan of Chanel (except for their Mademoiselle EDT which is beyond gorgeous!) and by seeing this very collection, I just wanted to go to him and hug him if it weren’t because of his entourage and my lame French.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-29Lagerfeld incorporates the royal age with the modern fashion of today’s era. I love the dresses, period. But I don’t exactly know what to feel about the sandals with straps, it was paired with modern edgy hair and strong brows. It looks so out of place but you won’t mind because the whole thing is perfectly packaged on the runway.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-30God, I love it.

Each of these Haute Couture pieces are meticulously crafted and woven to perfection. When you look closer, everything is in perfect detail, which makes sense because the whole scene and ambiance in Grand Palais, Paris yesterday (July 8) is almost divine. My favorite is the last dress shown. It seems like a bridal gown but hey, it looks so enchanting and royal.



look at all these details!

Chanel, Houte Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

The last piece! ♥

So, what’s your favorite piece?

Tell me!


Kimmy. ♥


Mac x The Simpsons is Here!

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simpson-logo600Yes, Yes, YEEEEEES! It’s finally here! MAC Cosmetics and the Simpsons collaboration will hit the stores Worldwide! This will be launched by Mac on July 26 in San Diego’s Comi-Con. This will then hit the internet world on August 28 and will be readily available worldwide by September 4.

Filipino Fans need not to worry, because on the same date, this will also be available on MAC Rockwell and MAC Glorietta (isn’t that amazing?!)

201407maccosmeticssimpsonsgalThe collection is composed of blush-ons, false eyelashes, nail stickers, eye-shadow palettes, and lip gloss. Some of the prices aren’t available at the moment but that doesn’t matter, right? What matters most is that Marge Simpson finally got her make-up line (courtesy of MAC, LOL)

Marge was even interviewed about MAC’s upcoming The Simpsons make-up line and here’s what she says about her favorite pieces, “They’re all so great, but I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue complements my hair perfectly.”

I’m so rooting for this. I can’t even wait to see them in person (and maybe try a Marge-inspired Make-up, haha!)

All in all, Kudos to Mac Cosmetics and their never ending creativity!


Kimberly. ♥

When Fashion Bleeds Creativity

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When Fashion Bleeds Creativity

I’m wearing my sky-high Lita heels and I wonder why people are sometimes get offended by red lipsticks, bikini, and heels.

Anyway, Here’s a GIF of Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2007 fashion show entitled Savage beauty. This dress named Sarabande is made of real flowers, that’s why it falls off every time the model walks down the catwalk. It represents how delicate beauty is and how everything fades, how everything dies.

“Remember Sam Taylor-Wood’s dying fruit? Things rot. . . . I used flowers because they die. My mood was darkly romantic at the time.” -Alexander McQueen, Harper’s Bazaar, April 2007.

You’ll definitely spot an amazing artist through his works.


The Art of Color Blocking

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color blocking

The art of color blocking.

I don’t know why, but here’s a fact: some girls are afraid to experiment with bold colors and neon prints. That’s why minimalist colors like black, white, red, and gray are always in demand by the female species.

Hollywood actresses and supermodels actually pull off some very good color blocking techniques both in their street style, runway, or Award’s Night. But like others, we think that they can always wear what they want because they have their flawless beauty. OMG.

Are you one of those girls? (yeah, me too. But that was before) If so, you don’t have to worry now, girl. I’ve got some awesome combinations as well as tips and tricks for you regarding color blocking. 🙂

So you can pull off that neon colors in your wardrobe the Kim Kardashian Way. 😉


Red-Blue-White color blocking

Red-Blue-White color blocking

Red-Blue-White color blocking

Red-Blue-White color blocking sample

This is probably one of the basics among color blocking techniques. Red, white, and navy blue actually belongs to the basic wardrobe color. They aren’t seasonal, you can find this color palette to almost every department stores and shopping malls in town. From formal to casual wear, this combination is so classy.

orange-pink-nude color blocking

orange-pink-nude color blocking

orange-pink-nude color blocking

orange-pink-nude color blocking sample

This color combination is perfect for movie dates and meet-the-parents. Orange and pink, though both striking, complements every skin color in the world. from African-Americans, Western, Latinas, and Asians, this color combination will definitely fit you perfectly. Nude is the neutral ground, since the two colors are already striking, the nude will tone it down a bit.

blue-pink-yellow color bloking

blue-pink-yellow color blocking

blue-pink-yellow color blocking

blue-pink-yellow color blocking sample

This pastel blue, pastel yellow, and pastel pink wardrobe color combinations speaks of mellow spring, and cotton candies, and child-like paraphernalia. It depicts that laid back vibe and lazy Sunday dates. Pastels are actually easier to combine with other colors that are both neutral and striking. It always gives that soft spoken sophistication.

purple-teal-orange color blocking

purple-teal-orange color blocking

purple-teal-orange color blocking

purple-teal-orange color blocking sample

This combination is so awesome! all of them seems striking, yet it complements well with each other. (Camilla Belle is so gorgeous, don’t you think?) Actually, teal belongs to the neutral colors because you can pair anything to it. And since neutral colors are meant to tone down the two striking colors, teal does the job with purple and orange.

blue-neon green-gold color blocking

blue-neon green-gold color blocking

blue-neon green-gold color blocking

blue-neon green-gold color blocking sample

Okay, so this is my utmost favorite! I love the combination of classic blue and out-of-this-world neon green. It gives that cheery and regal vibe that I really like. And another excellent color was added as a neutral ground: Gold!


So that’s some of the most common color blocking examples. Here, on the other hand, are the tips and tricks to pull off a very good color blocking technique.

1.) 2 striking colors need to be paired by a neutral color. And the neutral color could be your accessories, your undershirt, or your shoes.

2.) not-so-common colors can be paired with the basics like red, black, white and gray. You can pair your eccentric neon orange skirt with black or white shirt.

3.) If it resembles something, don’t wear it. One of my friends back in college wears a green shirt over her orange pants. and she simply looked like a carrot. If it reminds you of some food or things in particular, then don’t even think of wearing it.

4.) Accessories play a great role in color blocking.  A black belt or a gold stud earrings or that classic neck piece makes a great difference. Believe me.

5.) EXPERIMENT! Of course, we are differentiated by our bodies. The colors that have been posted here may or may not be flattering to you. The key is to experiment. You now know all the basics, now go to your wardrobe and try mix and match all the colors and outfits you have! The possibilities are endless!

Happy matching! 🙂


Kimberly. ♥


Pressed Powders Galore: Top 5 Pressed Powder That You Can Buy in the Philippines!

Hello ladies! ♥ How’s your long weekend? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

Anyway, some of you have been asking about the best pressed powders in the market nowadays. There are thousands of pressed powders available that are manufactured by different brands. And I’ve listed my top 5 pressed powders that I’ve already tried and tested. *wink*


 Top 5 pressed powders philippines

I believe that pressed powders are less toxic than foundations. It let’s your skin breathe while adding enough coverage to protect your face from the sun and its harmful rays. It’s as light as talc powders, and as heavy-duty as foundations.

Given my never ending love affair with pressed powders, I have my personal favorites and I also have those that I should never ever lay my hands again. For my personal favorites, here are my top 5 pressed powders:

Revlon PhotoReady Compact Powder5.) Revlon PhotoReady Compact Powder, P975

OMG. I love this! It’s like having Photoshop right in your hands! It’s very smooth, and very flawless. You might as well conquer your camera shy-ness with Revlon PhotoReady. It conceals blackheads, blemishes, and dark spots. It also even out skin tone.

It doesn’t last long on me, though. I have to use another base for this. But over-all, It’s good for touch-ups and it conceals perfectly.

Skin Food Agave cactus Sun Pact

4.) Skin Food Agave cactus Sun Pact 50 PA++

I hate how Skin Food here in Manila is so overpriced. I got this one as  a gift from my Mom’s friend who went to Malaysia (Malaysia has Skin Food too. LOL). Anyway, I like how this natural pressed powder has 50 PA++ sunscreen to protect your face from the sun. And it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s also guilt-free because it’s made from natural ingredients. 😉

Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder

3. Avon Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder, P349

I’m a fan of mineral make-ups. And this mineral pressed powder from Avon is my go-to powder for whenever I’m on a budget. Like the previous powders I’ve listed, you may be assured that this also feels light. As we all know, mineral and organic make-ups are kind of expensive. So this Smooth Minerals Pressed Powder from Avon is Perfect for those who don’t want splurge and hurt their pocket.

Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder

2.) Benefit Get Even Pressed Powder.

Ooh. One of my favorites! *drools* I got this some time in 2010 as a High School graduation gift from my cousin (together with the cha-cha tint.) There’s no Benefit shop here in the Philippines at that time, so I really have to save this powder up to its last grain. *sigh* It’s really good. It’s so damn good that It will be one of the things I’ll buy with my first salary right after I’ve finished my current pressed powder.

This darling controls oil, even out skin tone, protects your skin from the harmful UV rays, conceals imperfections, and it last longer than expected. Be careful though, cheaper versions of this are available in the market. It’s fake!

 Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit

1.) Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit, P848

I’m not a fan of Korean brands except for a few products that I use now and then. Etude House, however, is a different story. I love the line and the princess theme of the store. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact is my current pressed powder. It combines the power of a BB cream with the lightness of a compact powder. All you need is a light dab an you’re good to go. It lasts up to 6-8 hours of coverage (this may differ. I’m always in an air-conditioned office whenever I use this.)

I first used this product on our college night because one of my friends own this. I did use it and fell in love with the design and the coverage. From that moment on, I swore I’ll buy one when I go to an Etude House branch.


So, there it is! my top 5 Pressed powders! For those who are in a budget however, I recommend buying from drugstore brands. Garnier and Maybelline’s pressed powders are good too.

Remember that all of the powders listed here are good for me, but it may not be good for you. Always use the trials first if it’s available, use it for a week or two and see if breakouts occur or if you’re satisfied with the product. 😉

Want to know more about make-up? Here are some make-up tips and tricks.


Kimberly ♥

Choose to SHINE: Pantene’s All Day Smooth Miracle Water Review

Hi Flowers! 🙂

I have promised you a lot of book posts and no, I’m not breaking my promise. But let me just introduce to you this amazing product that I received from Viviamo Inc. (Yes, the company behind the Belle de Jour Power Planner!)

aaa 021

This is what Viviamo! Inc. sent me. 🙂

Honestly, I received this product three weeks ago, but I decided to only post this review once I’ve already used the product and see its result fully.

So Let’s begin with Pantene’s All Day Smooth Miracle Water. This Leave-on treatment is super awesome! It’s non-greasy, and it does untangle my hair quite easily. Having a really good smell is a plus point too. 😉

aaa 004

I’m amazed by the texture too, it’s dense yet it turns to a water-like texture once applied to the hair. I dunno, but it feels like magic. LOL.

aaa 017


aaa 018

Watery! 🙂

The product claims to beat the dryness and humidity in any weather, thus giving yo smooth, and tangle-free hair all day long. It comes in a 100 ml bottle that’s not-so travel friendly, but you can put it in your daily bag if you always bring big bags with you. I guess I just don’t want my cosmetics and beauty products to cover huge amount of space in my bag.

For a more detailed review, here’s the Pros and Cons:


♥ it untangle and smooth-en the hair in no time!

♥ it has a really, really good smell.

♥ it’s non-greasy.

♥ it does fight off split-ends. Though I did use Pantene’s Total Damage Care Intensive Conditioner, and I guess this did all the split-ends-be-gone work to my hair.

♥ And it does prevents my hair from being dry.


♥ the packaging is quite big for me. It would be good to have a smaller size for this darling.

♥ This won’t straighten your hair.

Over-all Verdict: 4/5 stars!

Will I repurchase? well, yeah. 🙂

Because Viviamo’s package comes with an Intensive Conditioner, I did use the Total Damage Care Conditioner too, which is another awesome product from Pantene. Given that, Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water is surely best paired with Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and Intensive Conditioner.

aaa 006

Pantene Total Damage Care Intensive Conditioner

aaa 013

Having a bad hair day? Try this out!

And may your hair be ever in you favor.


Kimberly. ♥

Because Red is the New Black

Because Red is the New Black

This week is probably one of my best week so far. Party here and there, books galore, a lot of beers, a dose of Angela’s Ashes to get me by and tons of midnight memories to add up to my collection.

As I woke up yesterday to one of my friend’s house, I thought of changing my hair color because I feel so bored. And it was so sudden that the moment my friend, Jeff put on the first coat of the hair color to my medium ash blonde hair, I feel the cold run up my spine. haha!

Red was never my forte. I’m happy with ash browns, and chestnuts, but never red. I sometimes think of getting pink though, but not now. I have red cellophane-d hair before, but that was not as bright as this one, and it was a cellophane, it should only last a couple of days or weeks.

Changing my hair color is so out of the budget. So my friend and I resorted to those hair-coloring materials bought in the public market, and this cost me 30 pesos or less than a dollar (US). You have no idea how nervous I am about this.

I do love the color though. Made me look more mature. I’m thinking of keeping a red hair until graduation, or probably longer than that. I dunno. What I know is that I’m happy with it. Tee-hee! 🙂

Kimberly ♥

Steal Cara Delevingne’s style!

Christmas Holidays are over, and we are fast approaching 2014. So I’m still hoping for a walk-in closet and daily dose of coffee, books, and pizza. LOL.

Anyway, one of the budding models up to date is none other than the hipster Cara Delevingne. Everybody seems to love her with her quirky personality and awkward (sometimes funny) gestures. I can’t blame the kids though, I love her to bits too!

So in order to celebrate this model’s beauty and style as well as the new year, let me present to you (wait for it, wait for it!) my tips on how to steal Cara’s street style at such an affordable price! (In Philippine Peso, of course. 🙂 )

For 2,500 pesos, or $56, it’s so amazing how you can pull off a whole Cara Delevingne inspired style. I’ve rummaged through the LEGIT online stores in order to find affordable pieces for this outfit.

Excited? here it is!

Cara Delevingne style for 2,500 pesos! ♥

Cara Delevingne style for 2,500 pesos! ♥

I find this pair of disco pants to be more appropriate to wear in the Philippines than the leather ones, that’s why I’ve resorted to Androgyne Manila’s disco pants for 850 pesos. Also, you can cover up your tank in plaid polo instead of the plaid jacket, you don’t want to look sweaty, don’t you? The fringe bag from Fashion Cravings will give the whole outfit the “edge” that Cara Delevingne carries with her all the time. And the pair of combat boots are a steal for a whooping price of 300 pesos or $7. I know right?!

For the shop’s URLs, click on the following (who knows? you might also find interesting stuffs for your outfit collections. 😉 ):

Androgyne Manila

The Socialite

Fetish Couture

Fashion Cravings

The Chicboxroom

There they are. Happy shopping, flowers! and Happy, happy 2014 to all of you. 🙂



Valentino Owns the 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Show with Sensual Austerity

Dammit! Valentino strikes again!

I can’t find the right words in order to express how much this designer impress me. He’s one of my favorite in 2013 Paris Fashion week, as stated in my blog before.  And now, Here he is again making me watch the show in awe.



The collection is regarded by the designer as Sensual Austerity,  mixing the oldies with the moderns that resulted to a beautiful clash of timeless fashion and elegance. 15167-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2014



What this collection made me think is the princesses and queens of the Asian Empires and European Kingdoms. I don’t know, but somehow, both oriental and western features in Valentino’s collection are quite obvious.




The collection in itself is very aristocratic and ambitious, with a hint of post-modern female fashion and old Victorian and hippie vibes. Ironic, isn’t it?




From the patterns in the fabric, to the gold accents, breezy outfits and sandals, Valentino pulled it all off in one show.  what an Amazing designer.




I also loved the innocence in the model’s look. Which is composed of nudes that made their faces so natural.







The models seemed to have some kind of evangelical zeal in them. Or at least, they are to me. But if you’re wearing a Valentino, wouldn’t you have this zeal in the fashion world?

Moreover, I love the gold clutch and the necklaces, as well as the espadrille shoes and the fringed bag. What more can I say? I will always be a fan of Valentino. ♥


Kimberly. ♥

Fashion Inspiration: Rachel Zoe is Love!

Fashion Inspiration: Rachel Zoe is Love!

One of my new obsessions in the fashion scene is non other than the stylist turned designer, Rachel Zoe! I just can’t help but browse her collections.

This photo, courtesy of, sums up what I really love about her latest Spring 2014 collection. From the fatigue pants and jacket, to the sparkly pair of garments, down to the casual-comfy dress/sweater combo and the white blazer/denim shorts combo. I’m looking forward to trying them all! 🙂

Kimberly ♥