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Valentino Owns the 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Show with Sensual Austerity

Dammit! Valentino strikes again!

I can’t find the right words in order to express how much this designer impress me. He’s one of my favorite in 2013 Paris Fashion week, as stated in my blog before.  And now, Here he is again making me watch the show in awe.



The collection is regarded by the designer as Sensual Austerity,  mixing the oldies with the moderns that resulted to a beautiful clash of timeless fashion and elegance. 15167-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2014



What this collection made me think is the princesses and queens of the Asian Empires and European Kingdoms. I don’t know, but somehow, both oriental and western features in Valentino’s collection are quite obvious.




The collection in itself is very aristocratic and ambitious, with a hint of post-modern female fashion and old Victorian and hippie vibes. Ironic, isn’t it?




From the patterns in the fabric, to the gold accents, breezy outfits and sandals, Valentino pulled it all off in one show.  what an Amazing designer.




I also loved the innocence in the model’s look. Which is composed of nudes that made their faces so natural.







The models seemed to have some kind of evangelical zeal in them. Or at least, they are to me. But if you’re wearing a Valentino, wouldn’t you have this zeal in the fashion world?

Moreover, I love the gold clutch and the necklaces, as well as the espadrille shoes and the fringed bag. What more can I say? I will always be a fan of Valentino. ♥


Kimberly. ♥


Kate Moss: What a Comeback!

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Kate Moss: What a Comeback!

During the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter ’11 Fashion Show, last March 9 2011, a national Non-Smoking Day in France, Kate Moss steals the show as she came back in the modeling world and strutted the runway with a cig in her hand and wearing one of the most expensive luxury wear in the world.

This is one of my favorite Kate Moss moment (not because of the cig) because this is Kate Moss finally coming back. Though this woman is not the one who’s bound by rules, I love her anyway. ♥

A Jewel from China: IMG Model Xiao Wen Ju


Xiao Wen Ju of IMG models

I’ve been browsing through IMG model’s website and I’ve bump upon this one jewel. With her childlike features and perky personality, who wouldn’t fall in love with Xiao Wen Ju? (Yes, I am one. hihi.)

Ju Xiaowen or Xiao Wen Ju was born in China, the home of fashion models Liu Wen, Du Juan, Lu Yan and so on. She began her modeling career in China as she sign her contract with IMG models in 2010


Another young, brooding model, with a twist. Xiao Wen’s features aren’t what everyone defines as perfect. She has small eyes, translucent complexion, and looks like a geisha which may scare anyone. To top it all off, she has the most oriental feature which may seem awkward in the runway full of Barbie-ish girls.

But just this year, she was picked to become a face of Marc Jacobs campaign, and she was the first Chinese to do so at the age of 19 (She was 20 years old now, by the way.)

Xiao Wen Ju for Dior

Xiao Wen Ju for Dior

Her Runway walk is impressive. Man, she looked like a doll. She have walked the runways of Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Nina Ricci, Fendi, Chanel and more. She also became the cover of Vogue China and Numero as well as featured in Kenzo and American Vogue.

Xiao Wen Ju for Chanel runway show

Xiao Wen Ju for Chanel runway show

Xiao wen Ju for Nina Ricci Fashion Show

Xiao wen Ju for Nina Ricci Fashion Show

She was often compared to Liu Wen which is kinda funny for me because they have different strengths and measures. Liu Wen has a dominant features, from her cheek bones to her jaws, its her assets. While Xiao Wen on the other hand has doll-like and soft features which makes her unforgettable as well.

Magazine editorial

Magazine editorial

Editorial for American Vogue. Oh My.

Editorial for American Vogue. Oh My.

Anyway, the bottom line is, with Xiao Wen’s  long list of credentials, the future seemed so bright for this little darling.

to know more about Xiao wen Ju, click the following:


kimberly ♥

The Swedish Model, Frida Gustavsson

Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson

Frida gustavsson in the Runway!

She became the cover girl of some high fashion magazine that you probably read for your daily dose of Fashion. And this model rocked the runways of Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Milan, Paris and so on. She’s hired to model for Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and so many other brands. To top it all off, she’s only 19 years old and only two months older than me (Why can’t I just be tall and flawless?!)

Frida for Elle Magazine

Frida for Anna Sui

The Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson is the 17th among top 50 models of 2012, and ranked 4th in the most requested models of 2010 for booking 60 shows at her debut season. How cool was that?

She’s not the Giselle Bundchen kind of model, I should say. She’s way too high fashion and I believed to belong with the company of Kate Moss and so on. And her looks made me think of Coco Rocha with a hint of Leighton Meester.

Frida for Dior Fashion Show

Frida for Chanel Fashion show

What’s more exciting about her is that she loves to travel, she reads, she actually finished her studies, she’s addicted to computer games, and she’s so bubbly and restless in her interviews.

With all these records and charms, I believe Frida will go far, and I’m really looking forward to see her walk here in the Philippines for the Philippine Fashion week. 🙂

As of now, she’s one of my favorite models aside from Liu Wen, Kate Moss, Danica Magpantay (a Filipina! hoho!), Sasha Pivovarova, and Coco Rocha.