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That Analog Feel

That Analog Feel

My friend and I went out partying in the city. Just to ease ourselves from all of the pressures of being a graduating college student. It was one hell of night and our feet aches, but the experience is surely one of our best. πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s what I’m wearing. πŸ™‚

Achieving a casual-comfy-edgy look is pretty darn hard, and I figured out that I’ll just pair my denim shorts with a cotton top and cover it up with a blazer for a casual-comfy look. And the edge came from the shoes. I’m thinking of wearing a stiletto, or maybe pumps, but decided against it since I don’t want to torture my feet.

It’s the best decision ever!

I’ve been obsessed with anything analog lately, and I’m planning to buy myself a Holga or any toy camera. I used my digital camera, but I’ve adjusted the photos’ brightness, midtone, and contrast to give this an analog-vintage feel.

Like it? Please do hype the look on lookbook here

Thank you. πŸ™‚

Kimberly β™₯


Milk, Coffee, or Cropped Tee?

I’ve been a fan of funky clothing since god knows when, its a plus if its also comfortable. And cropped tees are no exception.

I’ve seen models and celebrities wear cropped and oversize tees in tumblr and weheartit, and I must admit that I’m thinking of how many pieces I have in my closet so I can mix and match it with my other trusted outfits.

Cropped top inspiration no 1

Cropped top inspiration no. 2

Cropped top inspiration no. 3

cropped tees are comfy when paired with shorts and sneakers, they’re unusual yet fashionable when paired with bandage skirt, and they give you that boho-chic feel when paired with a pastel colored skinny pants (preferably mint or coral in my opinion)

you can wear it on a date, or while attending a concert, or if you just want to walk in the park. That’s what I like about fashion, the possibilities are endless. β™₯

Anyway, here’s my take to that cropped top!

the complete look. πŸ™‚

I paired the cropped tee with shorts and white sneakers that I plan to customize sometime in the near future. Actually, it’s a shame that my body’s little, the cropped tee doesn’t look like its cropped after all. But the good thing is, I could wear this without exposing my tummy too much.

the Cropped top!

off-shoulder cropped top. β™₯

cropped top. β™₯


the shoes.


*cropped top from Human, Shorts from Harvard Jeans, shoes from Vans

I’m thinking of coloring the shoes and make it galactic or something. Β Or mabe, I should color it orange and buy some neon pink or glittered shoelaces.

I should blog about it, anyway. Β πŸ™‚


Kimberly β™₯