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How to Add a Little Sparkle

“Don’t let anyone ever dull your SPARKLE.”

I’ve read this on Pinterest and re-pinned it right away. It’s kinda embarrassing to admit, but I’m so obsessed with glitters before.  Glitters are attention seekers, somewhat a diva. I love the sparkle, maybe that’s a girl thing.

Well, I thought I’ve outgrown my inner glitter whore but as I was organizing my things, I’ve bumped into my craft box when I was in my early teens. And inside was my glitter collections. The feeling was like stopping your smoking habit for a long time and you find yourself face-to-face with cigarettes.

I can’t throw it away, that’s for sure. I searched my brain of ways to use the glitters and guess what? I’ve come up with making a glittered phone case! take a look!

My Diva Phone!

I know you want to ask how come the glitters don’t fall of. The secret ingredient is so simple: Top Coat!

to make this glittered Phone case, you only need three things:

Here’s what you need:

1.) glitters of your choice

2.) transparent phone case

3.) Top Coat (the cheapest will do.)

Four steps to Diva-fy your Phone:

1.) arrange all the materials needed. the glitters, the top coat, the phone case.

2.) brush top coat on the phone case.

3.) dab some glitters until the case or the portion with top coat is well coated.

4.)  brush another layer of top coat to seal the glitters.

Voila! DIY glittered phone case! The end product will be like this.

The end Product. 🙂

Here are some of my tips on this project. Believe me, I wish I knew these before making this.

1.) this is a very sparkly project. If you don’t want to be glitter-dirty, or look like a disco ball, put up some gloves and spread some used newspapers to your working place.

2.) using the nail polish’s brush is exhausting. try to use a paint brush instead. It will make you finish your work faster.

3.) Try to do the procedure portion by portion. In order to ensure that the glitters are really sealed by the top coat. After doing so, put another final top coat layer.

4.) This will take time. Don’t use your diva phone case right away. Leave it alone for one day. If the glitters are still falling off after that day, apply another layer of top coat.

5.) I suggest using glitters in bigger or chunky sizes. those in fine powder form are so hard to manipulate.

6.) flaunt your diva phone! you made this, be proud of it! ♥

Flaunt your Diva phone!

This is so easy and so glamorous at the same time. you can mix Violet, dark blue, silver, yellow and red glitters for a galaxy feel. the options are endless!

I am so happy at my new phone case that I’m so excited to show it off, and I hope you’re happy with yours too. 🙂

Remember the quote: Don’t let anyone ever dull your Sparkle. 🙂


Kimberly ♥


Crochet Crochet!

Hello there buddies. 🙂

My second semester as a Third year Journalism student had finally began. (That means that my blogging time will be lessened because of school works.) And with that, I ended my semester break by going back to my third love (because my first and second love is reading and writing.) which is crafts!

Seriously, you can cut my two feet, but definitely not my hands. Of course, it would be better if my body parts are complete, though. Just saying.

I’ve been Introduced to crochet six years ago. My mom taught me how to do simple chains. I made numerous bracelets from chains and give it to my classmates. Soon, my mom taught me how to make pouches so I made numerous crochet pouches. Funny, because Every single pouches at home back then is crocheted. From there, I’ve learned how to make a hole, a heart, granny squares, and so on.

And this semester break however, I did a *drum roll please* coffee mug sleeves!

Isn’t it kind of annoying when its so cold outside and you want a coffee so you make one and you put your hands around the mug but the mug is as hot as hell? sounds like my problem.

Philippines is a tropical country. It’s so hot in here but when it’s raining or the “ber” months are coming , my bones are surely freezing, I don’t know why.

and I made this mug sleeve to save me from super duper ultra mega hot coffee. I can still hold my coffee mug, without damaging my hands.

Coffe Mug Sleeves. ♥

I use a red yarn and overlay it with light blue yarn to make the outline. I would love it to be orange but I have no other yarns but red, green, blue and light blue. I used hook no. 7 as my tool.

My yarns are from Monaco. They produce yarns with vibrant colors. Here they are,  orange and brown are the new additions to my scarce supply of yarns.

Yarns Yarns Yarns.

Hooks differ in number. the bigger the hook number, the smaller the tip, and the smaller the number, the bigger the tip. That’s why with these yarns, I use hook no. 7. You can use hook no. 8 or 9 too, but it will be tight and hard to manipulate. hook no. 6 on the other hand, will make the stitches a little loose.

My hooks

I’m sorry, I didn’t take any photographs while doing this, so I can’t explain the pattern clearly. Next time, when I do another mug sleeve (An Orange one!) I’ll make sure to take some pictures or make a video.

Anyway, one thing’s sure: I made this. ♥


Kimberly ♥