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What Happened in Lucban?

I have been posting a lot about myself lately as I will be graduating college and facing the harsh real world soon. I have been through the stressful thesis defense and everything graduation related, and in order to prepare us more (As well as to have a little bit of fun), Our college organized a team building in Lucban, Quezon. An overnight retreat for all of the Mass Communication students.

My life’s been cluttered lately. Everything just doesn’t seem right, and I won’t fool all of you and tell you that I am emotionally stable now because I am not. And I am glad to have some quiet time with my friends and myself to think things over. I guess I’m just going through some phase, or maybe I’m going through middle-life crisis a little too early. Haha!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned and realized in our overnight team building in Batis Aramin, Lucban Quezon.


I realized that sometimes, it won’t hurt to look back, to accept things as they are, to admit that we are wrong and to forgive ourselves. After all, no one’s perfect.



All we need is a sense of balance and everything will fall in their proper places. You need to get hurt in order to appreciate the relief that comes next. You need to be lonely in order to appreciate having a company. In every action, there’s a corresponding reaction. I guess that’s just how the universe works.

FFK3Never be afraid to spread your wings. There will be a million things that will drag you down, there will be a million reasons to stop trying and to stop the rejection. But always keep in mind that sometimes, all you need is that one big leap in order to soar and touch the sky. If you do so, remember to keep your feet on the ground.


FFK6It feels so good to have someone who will be with you when the going gets tough, who will never let go even if it hurts to be with you. A friend who will share your fears, your doubts, your worries. And who surely deserves to be there when it gets better.


FFK9We can’t bring back time, we can’t undo things that we wish we didn’t do. When words are said, when someone’s already hurt, when all is said and done, all we have to do is to forgive. Forgive ourselves, forgive others. And smile because life is so beautiful to live with broken friendships and regrets.

I had enjoyed my stay at Batis Aramin in Lucban, Quezon. And it was one of my unforgettable trips with my besties and with myself.

In years to come, I do hope to have more trips like this.


Kimberly ♥

*Photos are from my friend, Jasmin Lorraine Tan's Camera. :) 

Birthday Celebration at National Museum, Zark’s, and National Bookstore

birthday 001

The first exhibit we visited in National Museum

It’s been a while since my last travel post. And it’s been a week since my birthday. I was literally and figuratively a mess (thus the endless heartbreak poems — I guess you already have an idea what had happened) But as they say, no regrets!

birthday 002

Manunggul Jar

birthday 046

The Bulol

Anyway, a really, really good friend of mine, wanted to celebrate with me last September 1st. We’ll go with the girls as planned, but they can’t make it due to family and work issues. So there we go, Zhea and I, conquering the UN Avenue, looking like crazy, misplaced ladies.

That girl is so insane! (I love you, Z. ♥)

We finally made it to National Museum, and both of us are in awe. We’ve been starstruck by the Manunggul jar, a burial jar in the Neolithic period found in Palawan, Philippines; The Doctrina Christiana, which is the very first published book in the Philippines, and so on. Don’t hate, We only encountered them in History books before.

birthday 054

Doctrina Christiana

birthday 052

Laguna Copperplate

birthday 019

Jars, Jars, Jars!

birthday 007

Antonio de Morga’s Successos de las Islas Filipinas

It’s a bad thing that the Art Gallery was closed, we didn’t see the star of the museum, which is Juan Luna’s Spoliarium. But we’re coming back for it, that’s for sure.

birthday 049

Philippine’s National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal

birthday 018


birthday 015


The Museum is air-conditioned, and the visitors are lesser than that of your nearest mall, which is kind of sad. But all in all, we enjoyed our stay, roaming around every floors, participating in interactive machines whatsoever in order to understand more, learn more, and be open.

birthday 044

The faces of Filipinos

birthday 042

One of the galleries that’s dedicated to pots. *.*

birthday 022

The corridor of the 2nd floor.

birthday 011

cannon display.

On our way back, Zhea and I decided the day before that we should go eat at Zark’s in Vito Cruz. I’ve agreed though, And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life  (Okay, I’m overreacting here. Haha!)

Zark’s burgers are big. No, not just big, they’re HUGE. I literally laughed when the waiter served our orders. And it’s only part of the Minor League Burgers. Imagine the size of the Major ones.

birthday 059

My Burger, Black Mamba.

Zhea's burger. looks yummier than mine. :))

Zhea’s burger. looks yummier than mine. :))

They also have this funny tagline that says “The greasier, the better.” And I toyed with the idea of bringing my hungry-friends-on-a-diet there and tell them to come to the dark side.

Zhea ordered some burger with a long name, and I ordered Black Mamba. Their Fries are good, and the condiments are within reach, from mustard, to ketchup, to mayo and salt and pepper.

And did I ever mention that the barbecue sauce that accompanies my burger tastes like heaven? I know! And I really swear by it!

After Zark’s, we moved on to National Bookstore to check out their books. Turns out they’re on sale so we grabbed the chance. Zhea gave me the Miracle on the 17th Green by James Patterson as a gift.

It was one hell of a day, and definitely a birthday to remember. I can’t even tell how grateful I am.


Kimberly ♥

PS. I’m sorry, I didn’t post a photo of me and Zhea. And some of the photos are crappy. But we enjoyed our visit, that’s the most important thing, right?

Surfing for Summer

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hello, Baler. 🙂

Seems like my bucket list is coming true one by one! Now, it’s Bucket list no. 4, Be somewhere I’ve never been before.

Just last week, (Pardon me for the late blog post.) my friend and I gave Baler, Aurora a shot. It was hot and humid in Bulacan and Manila, and I just want to leave the fuck out and have some quality time at the beach. I also have a lot of things to think about lately that this Baler break sound to me  as a bell ringing in my ears. This is the perfect time to unwind and reduce huge amount of Stress.

Me and my friend, Zhea. :)

Me and my friend, Zhea. 🙂

So that was that, we agreed to meet in the morning of May 22, with my good backpack, a camera, a destination, and a good friend, nothing could go wrong, right?

As usual, I was late. And I swear, I would’ve annoy the hell out of my friend, Zhea. Just like I annoyed my boyfriend that morning, ranting how late I am. But thankfully, we arrived safely after a 7-hour trip. (yes, that was long, indeed)

Zhea killed this Crab, and want to  make a key chain out of it. hahaha!

Zhea killed this Crab, and want to make a key chain out of it. hahaha!

We din’t do anything much on our first day. We just eat what our tummy deserves, which is Suman, Pancit, Sisig (This, I swear, is  heaven), Seafood Pasta, Hot Buffalo wings, and so much more.

The next morning is the start of the real adventure. Zhea wants to try surfing, but I hesitated. See, I’m not a swimmer, I don’t even know how to swim. There are so many what-ifs in my mind like “what if I fall?” “What if I look like an idiot?” “What if I completely fucked it up?” Aside from the fact that I’m not a swimmer, I’m also a slow learner. So I guess, you get the idea.

A jellyfish!

A jellyfish!

I made it!

I made it!

But I MADE IT! after series of falling and drinking salt water that I began to think there’s a sand accumulating in my lungs and stomach (and probably having their own beach inside me. HAHA), I gloriously made it without falling. 🙂

It’s just sad that we have to go right away to visit Mother Falls, but it was worth it. Mother Falls is a Paradise.

When we arrived in the area with all the scratches we received from surfing, I’ not really up for a long trek. But since we were there, there’s not much I can do but climb that mountain.

The way to Mother Falls. >.<

The way to Mother Falls. >.<

Hey, that was me!

Hey, that’s me!

The mountain is so alive, by the way. We’ve seen numerous species of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects. They were all beautiful. We even see a baby snake and have the guts to take a photo. LOL.

This butterfly is so beautiful. :)

This butterfly is so beautiful. 🙂

A snake!

A snake!

The way to the falls is not only hard but a risky one. The rocks are slippery and high, and the water flows rapidly. After crossing four rivers, we finally arrived at the falls.

And it’s like a storm, the water is so cold we all scream.  It’s Amazing!


Paradise, eh?

The water is so cold, I swear! I get numerous cramps!

The water is so cold, I swear! I get numerous cramps!

On our way home, we were dead tired. Our experience with Baler is a good one. And we are beyond willing to go back. 🙂

I’m thinking of buying my own surfboard. HAHA!

for my remaining bucket list, click here: 🙂


Kimberly ❤

2012 Dayaw Festival: A Closer Look to the Philippines’ Ethnic Minorities

Magandang Araw sa inyo aking mga kaibigan. 🙂

(translated as: Good day to all of  you, my friends. ;))


Dayaw Festival 2012

Last week, October 27-29, the Dayaw Festival also known as the festival of the indigenous people was hosted by my province, Bulacan. it was the kind of festival that takes place in different parts of the country to showcase the different ethnic minorities as well as their products. And this year, I finally have the chance to go to the said festival (thanks to our Governor)


The Dancers in the festival, presenting the history of their ethnicity by means of an interpretative dance

It was colorful, just like any other fiestas if you’ve been to one. There are different presentations from different ethnicity. And what I like most, is that you can see their rich culture, and slightly feel bad because nowadays, they don’t get the kind of respect they deserve.


The Ethnicity called “The Agta of the South” observing people as they come in to the trade fair.

The fun part was the trade fair. There are lots of stalls from different minority groups showcasing their handmade products. The price is just right, the bead works, woven fabrics, metal works and so on are carefully done. It was their culture at its finest.


A lady from Mangyan tribe, looking at other tribe’s products. 🙂


A seller from the T’boli tribe, Selling her tribe’s handiworks.

At the end of the day, everyone’s happy about the event. Dayaw Festival is  a constant reminder to us that we should always look where we came from, and that respect begets respect.


This woman from Kalinga is laughing out loud as she exchanged jokes with her buyers.

I was so lucky to get a chance to cover and go to Dayaw festival. It was one of a kind. I would love to go there again when I get the chance though I have no idea what province will host this event next.

 Anyway, this is a wonderful experience.


Kimberly ♥

Semester Break, Please

After series of cramming, I am finally free.  My first semester as a third year Journalism Student ended up with me having two dark under-eye circles and forehead pimples (which annoys my man so much, wtf.)

I’m so glad that the first semester’s over now. One more hell semester and I will finally be able to have my internship, hopefully, in a magazine. I’m beginning to make my CVs by the way. I haven’t taken my resume photo yet, but I will soon.

Last semester was a crazy ride. The craziest so far, actually. We have to revise news and sports lead everyday, we have to go to press conferences or events and cover it, we have to do a lot of editing, we have to make an online media site and later on put it all to a newspaper.

Oh man, it was a stressful semester.

Anyway, we’ve got happy moments too. My classmates and I went to Angat for a trip to the Dam (where most of Manila’s water supply came from. ) and to meet the Dumagats (one of the ethnic minorities here in the Philippines.)

The Dam is literally breathtaking. It never ceases to amaze me that millions of Filipinos rely in the Dam’s water supply. Take a look:

Angat Dam

Told you it was amazing. 🙂 It made me feel like I’m the only person the world. That I’m just a small speck in this universe and I’m unimportant compared to this dam. (I’m always telling myself this in order to keep my feet on the ground.) This view made me humble. 🙂

Me and my fellow media practitioners.

I’m not the only only one who enjoyed the view, that’s for sure.

The last semester was crazy, stressful, and mind-blowing, as I’ve said. But I’m still young and there’s so much in this world that I have yet to see, whether as a journalist or as Kimberly.

Three more Semesters to go.

Hello Graduation. ♥



Kimberly ♥