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Flowers And Feminism

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So I’ve bumped upon this “Run Like a Girl” campaign from Always and I’ve never been so proud of my gender. *Blushes*

People have this notion that being a woman means being weak. Maybe because we’re always the ones who loved way too much and are always vocal about it. Maybe because we are allowed to cry. Or maybe because the society protects us more because of the fact that more and more men perceive us as sex objects.

The truth is it’s a man’s world, and it will always be until the women of our generation make their stand and decides to tell the world that women, like men, deserves the freedom to walk alone at night without ever worrying about rape, the freedom to speak their mind in law school without being judge for being a woman, the right to choose when she needs to settle down without people telling her that she’s beyond her time. We don’t need strong-willed and outspoken women, we need women who knows their worth and decides when to say “NO” when they’re not enjoying themselves anymore.

We need women who travels a lot so she knows her value in the eyes of every race, of every community. We need women who reads and who writes, so she’ll drown the world with her words, with her wit, with her intelligence. And even if our current situation still involves sexism and misogyny, our minds will be free.

Lastly, we need a woman who’s unbiased, who knows that respect needs to be earned. That in order to be respected, we must also respect others. That in order to not be judged, we should also refrain from being judgmental. That feminism aims for gender equality, not gender greatness. We shouldn’t think that we are better than men, rather, we should keep in mind that we are equal to men.

We need the world to know that rape isn’t okay, and it will never be. That gender oppression is not our fault. We are striving for equality because we want to prove that we are not weak, that it’s okay to run for marathons and win. That it’s okay to beat a man’s ass in Tekken, that it’s okay to wear whatever we like without being called a whore or a slut, that high heels and lipstick doesn’t really mean that we’re dumb. And that wearing our bikini doesn’t mean that we’re asking to be sexually assaulted.

And I am not only calling the attention of all our women. I am also trying to reach our men. Weigh your words carefully, respect women because you want to get the same respect. If you offend a woman, think about your mother, your grandma, your sisters, your wife, your daughter. Think about how it feels like if you were sodomized and your ass was ripped open by someone because you’re a weak shit.

Think about that. And think about that real hard.


The Magic of Nature: Oil Cleansing 101

Whew! it’s been a while since my last blog post and the comment bomb on the Chorizo recipe (thank you, Bill. :))

This will be a busy summer for me because finally, my application for internship had been accepted, and I already started last week. I haven’t posted about it because a.) I still doesn’t have enough pictures and b.) nothing, I just really don’t have enough pictures. lol.

I’ m a fan of natural and organic products. This explains my obsession with Human Heart Nature, Milea, and other shops that offers highly effective organic skin care.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about beauty oils and oil cleansing and how effective this regimen is. With my Chemistry knowledge about solute, solvents, polar, non-polar and so on, comes the “like dissolves like” quote. Only oils dissolve oiliness.

Photo for inspirational purposes only

So in order to save you all from the woe of researching, I’ve compiled the best oils for your oil cleansing regimen. Each oils have different benefits that suites your skin type. Always remember that your skin type is the most important factor you have to consider.

Ready? here it goes.


1.) Tea Tree oil – good for treating acne, dandruff, certain skin diseases such as ringworm or athlete’s foot. This can also treat head lice and is a 100% anti viral. This oil can make wonders in your face by dabbing a small amount of pure tea tree oil on your acne at night. This will help diminish your acne faster and without a trace.


2.)  Sunflower Oil – is one of those oils that have so many benefits! This oil has the ability to nurture your lashes, whiten skin, smooths and whitens underarms, a great make-up remover and many more!

images (1)

3.) Castor Oil – packed with vitamin E, this oil is good both for skin and hair. Mix this with Sunflower oil and apply the mixture to your lashes at night. This will make your eyelashes longer and fuller. You may also mix this with tea tree oil and watch as your zits and acne disappear!

images (2)

4.) Rosehip oil – I’m a pretty active and clumsy child, and my nails are long enough to wound my legs from scratching, so this explains my leg scars. Rosehip oil is a great scar remover, and is doing a great job even for old, stubborn scars. Apply this two to three times a day, and your scars will be gone for good. Star alert! Miranda Kerr uses this as a moisturizer!

images (3)

5.) Virgin Coconut oil – this oil is a great moisturizer both for hair and skin. This oil is also one of the most effective wrinkle remover. I’m way too young, I don’t have wrinkles yet. So what I do with this oil is using it as a hair treatment. Put VCO in your hair and leave on for thirty minutes then rinse.

images (4)

6.) Olive oil – Never underestimate the power of this oil. like VCO, its also a great moisturizer. Aside from the fact that it makes you lose weight when you use it in frying, this oil will also do wonders in your skin and hair especially when mixed with VCO.

images (5)

7.) Vitamin E oil – We already know about Vitamin E since our elementary years. This vitamin is present in all the oils listed here, that’s why they do a good job in caring for our skin and hair. Prick a vitamin E capsule and apply the oil directly to your problem area every night.


8.) Argan Oil – Tired of stretchmarks? this oil will do you a favor by diminishing not only stretch marks but also wrinkles. And the best part? it can protect you from ultraviolet radiation!

images (6)

9.) Emu Oil – This oil will give you smooth and glowing skin, hands down. Emu oil has the ability to balance the skin composition to make your skin youthful and healthy.

images (7)

10.) Grapeseed Oil – this oil is being offered as a food supplement in a capsule to be taken daily. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C to make your skin fairer and more glowing.

You may use these oils individually, or you may also mix it with other oils, depending on you want to achieve. Anyway, here are the formulas:

For treating acne = Tea tree oil + castor oil + Vitamin E oil and apply on your acne every night

For longer, fuller lashes = Castor oil + Vitamin E oil + Sunflower Oil and apply on your lashes every night

For diminishing scars = Castor oil + Rosehip oil + Sunflower oil and appy on your scars two to tree times a day

For fairer and glowing complexion = Sunflower oil + Argan oil + grapeseed oil + vitamin E oil + Emu oil and apply on your face and body every night and after bath, followed by sunscreen.

For a healthy hair = Olive oil + Castor oil + Virgin coconut oil and apply to wet hair for thirty minutes once or twice a week

For a powerful anti-wrinkle formula = Argan oil + Emu oil + Vitamin E oil + Virgin coconut oil and apply every night

For diminishing stretchmarks and cellulite = Olive oil + Argan oil and mix with coffee granules to make a scrub, then scrub it to your problem area twice or thrice a week.

Surely, nature has its way of  preserving our beauty. This may sound like a lot, but doing this religiously is really worth it in the end. Remember, there are no ugly ladies, only lazy ones.

By the way, I will be posting  my reviews on each oil some other time in order to have an in-dept post about it, so stay tuned. 🙂


Kimberly ❤

*images are courtesy of google and we heart it and is used primarily
 for inspirational purposes