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Chanel Fall-Winter 2014-2015

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Chanel brings back the regal age of Baroque period with their F/W 14-15 collection. Some of the pieces are made of golds and reds while others stayed true to Chanel’s black and white palette.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-31I have a knack for carefree and classy clothing, and Chanel’s latest collection gives me no option but drool over those pretty, laid-back dresses. Karl Lagerfeld impressed me a lot because I’m not a fan of Chanel (except for their Mademoiselle EDT which is beyond gorgeous!) and by seeing this very collection, I just wanted to go to him and hug him if it weren’t because of his entourage and my lame French.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-29Lagerfeld incorporates the royal age with the modern fashion of today’s era. I love the dresses, period. But I don’t exactly know what to feel about the sandals with straps, it was paired with modern edgy hair and strong brows. It looks so out of place but you won’t mind because the whole thing is perfectly packaged on the runway.



chanel-fall-winter-2014-15-haute-couture-looks-30God, I love it.

Each of these Haute Couture pieces are meticulously crafted and woven to perfection. When you look closer, everything is in perfect detail, which makes sense because the whole scene and ambiance in Grand Palais, Paris yesterday (July 8) is almost divine. My favorite is the last dress shown. It seems like a bridal gown but hey, it looks so enchanting and royal.



look at all these details!

Chanel, Houte Couture, Fall Winter, 2014, Fashion Show in Paris

The last piece! ♥

So, what’s your favorite piece?

Tell me!


Kimmy. ♥


The Swedish Model, Frida Gustavsson

Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson

Frida gustavsson in the Runway!

She became the cover girl of some high fashion magazine that you probably read for your daily dose of Fashion. And this model rocked the runways of Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Milan, Paris and so on. She’s hired to model for Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and so many other brands. To top it all off, she’s only 19 years old and only two months older than me (Why can’t I just be tall and flawless?!)

Frida for Elle Magazine

Frida for Anna Sui

The Swedish model, Frida Gustavsson is the 17th among top 50 models of 2012, and ranked 4th in the most requested models of 2010 for booking 60 shows at her debut season. How cool was that?

She’s not the Giselle Bundchen kind of model, I should say. She’s way too high fashion and I believed to belong with the company of Kate Moss and so on. And her looks made me think of Coco Rocha with a hint of Leighton Meester.

Frida for Dior Fashion Show

Frida for Chanel Fashion show

What’s more exciting about her is that she loves to travel, she reads, she actually finished her studies, she’s addicted to computer games, and she’s so bubbly and restless in her interviews.

With all these records and charms, I believe Frida will go far, and I’m really looking forward to see her walk here in the Philippines for the Philippine Fashion week. 🙂

As of now, she’s one of my favorite models aside from Liu Wen, Kate Moss, Danica Magpantay (a Filipina! hoho!), Sasha Pivovarova, and Coco Rocha.