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Mac x The Simpsons is Here!

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simpson-logo600Yes, Yes, YEEEEEES! It’s finally here! MAC Cosmetics and the Simpsons collaboration will hit the stores Worldwide! This will be launched by Mac on July 26 in San Diego’s Comi-Con. This will then hit the internet world on August 28 and will be readily available worldwide by September 4.

Filipino Fans need not to worry, because on the same date, this will also be available on MAC Rockwell and MAC Glorietta (isn’t that amazing?!)

201407maccosmeticssimpsonsgalThe collection is composed of blush-ons, false eyelashes, nail stickers, eye-shadow palettes, and lip gloss. Some of the prices aren’t available at the moment but that doesn’t matter, right? What matters most is that Marge Simpson finally got her make-up line (courtesy of MAC, LOL)

Marge was even interviewed about MAC’s upcoming The Simpsons make-up line and here’s what she says about her favorite pieces, “They’re all so great, but I must say that Lisa’s Spikes really works well with my skin tone and of course, Beehive Blue complements my hair perfectly.”

I’m so rooting for this. I can’t even wait to see them in person (and maybe try a Marge-inspired Make-up, haha!)

All in all, Kudos to Mac Cosmetics and their never ending creativity!


Kimberly. ♥


1940’s Vintage Party

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Its bucket list no. 12: Party all night.

joms 089

The ticket to 1940s

Last Friday (March 1) I’ve attended our annual college night. It’s been my third time attending this event and it usually focuses on giving awards to my fellow Mass Communication students and of course, dancing the night out.

This year’s theme is Vintage. I think it seems so ordinary, after all it’s one of the most common party theme (or is it just me?). But the moment I set foot in the venue, I was in another time. It was awesome!

Frankly, I’ve been dwelling so much on what I should wear months ago. I want to wear something that I will be able to wear in the future. So I ended up wearing a lace dress and a pair of Lita inspired shoes.


My dress. 🙂


My outfit. lol. I was actually giving certificates.

Though I had to endure a stomach pain (result of not eating for a long time due to my errands and eating a lot that night), the night ended up amazing.


My friends in 1940s


Me and my friend, tam. look at those faces!!

The food is not that great, but I was so hungry I eat it anyway. :)) There free coins given to us, which we used in buying foods like cotton candy and pop corn, which is pretty good in my opinion.

Anyway, when the party time finally came, the crowd are really really going wild. And I can’t help but go with the flow.

The party is great, my feet hurts from wearing 5 inches heels the whole night. But it was worth it, I tell you. 🙂

If you want to see how wild is the crowd, watch this. I recorded the video for no special purposes. haha!



Make-up busters! All the Facts that you Need to Know About Make-ups


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re so late for your appointment and it suddenly rains and you didn’t bring your trusty umbrella and your make up just sort of melted?

Or you left your home with your make up perfectly put and your hair perfectly in place then you came back 6 hours later and you don’t know yourself anymore.

Or either your skin is so sensitive, you don’t want to put on heavy make up, or you don’t want to seem like a make up freak?

Sounds familiar, ladies? don’t worry, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. But worry not, because here are the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to use your make ups in their full potential.

Bring out your pen and paper, here’s the list:

1.) The fundamental make up regimen for everyday use is only five things: Foundation, Nude Shadow, Blush, eye liner and Mascara. Put it in your bag all the time and you’re good to go.

2.) If you’re always on the go like me (because I’m in the university 4 days a week and somewhere else for the remaining 3 days) change your daily moisturizer to a tinted one. I’ve been using Nivea tinted Moisturizer for a while now. And it always do the trick. 😉

3.) Or Change your foundation to BB cream. BB creams are costly, but it’s worth every penny. In my case though, since I already have a tinted moisturizer, I’m only using BB creams as a substitute to foundation whenever I have some important events to attend.

3.) Create a mixture of Vitamin E, Sunflower oil, and aloe vera gels and apply to your lashes every night, it will make your lashes longer and it will prevent your eyelashes from clumping whenever you need to put on mascara.

4.) When you apply your first coat of mascara, apply baby powder to your lashes using a q-tip then apply the second coat, the second coat will attach to the powder for a fuller look.

5.) People always have the misconception that concealer should be applied under the eyes. Well it shouldn’t. Instead, apply it to the side near the nose.

6.) For a brighter eyes, use a white eyeliner to line the insides of your bottom lashes. Then use a red lip liner and dot the corner of your eyes near the nose.

7.) Your brows play a huge part  in defining your face. Always see to it that your brows are well defined. Be it waxed and bleached, or simply plucked and outlined by brow liners.

8.) Painted your nails, but you really have to go? submerge your hand in ice-cold water for two-three minutes an it will dry fast.

9.) When painting your nails, put lotion to the side of your nails to prevent the nail polish from being messy.

10.) never ever underestimate the power of contouring and highlighting. In order to have a prominent bone structure, put bronzer to your jaw, below your cheek bones, to the side of the nose, and to the temples. Then put your highlighter to your nose bridge, cheek bones, top of upper lip, and to the arc of your brow.

11.) Don’t over do your make up. A smokey eye will do just right with pale lip color, and a toned down eye color give justice to bold lip colors like red and plum.

12.) After you did your make up, put on some cornstarch using a brush. This will seal your make-up. Perfect for those long nights of partying.

13.)  did you know that on top of Marilyn Monroe’s black eye liner, she still puts on a thin line of gold liner? it will be different yet always glamorous. Try it!

14.) Got a zit? open up Advil liqui-gels and put it to your zit. Or apply powdered aspirin to it. Cover up with toothpaste (the white one) after three minutes aaand its gone!

15.)  The bottom line is still to take care of your body. Eat healthy, exercise cleanse your face everyday, scrub thrice a week, use a mask twice a week, trim your brows, and moisturize!

I hope these will help you as much as these help me, ladies. 🙂

We are all beautiful. And it’s not the outer beauty but the inner beauty that counts. So always be beautiful inside and out. 🙂