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yeyHello there, readers!

This will be my last post for Yes, you read that right.

But don’t worry, because is now alive and kicking! LMAO. You can still get updates from me and my never ending adventures and failures. My platform is still WordPress so you can always follow me again. 😉

Thank you for one and a half year of support and love! Seriously, I won’t be able to do this without you. 🙂

See you, folks! Visit the new Flowers for Kimberly and tell me what you think!


Kimberly ♥


Day One

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Day One

“These are the hands of fate, you’re my Achilles heel. This is the golden age of something good and right and real. And I never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same.”

I just saw this photo on Tumblr and I don’t even know what to feel. So many emotions in a span of 24 hours and I’m tired of all the drama and all the shits and all the pretensions and fake, imposing people.

Something’s clear to me though: we always cry because it matters.

I cried beside you inside that sad, yellow room when an Alison Krauss song starts playing on the radio. I cried because I’m weak and you’re so damn important to me.

And you will always be.

Everybody, Meet Salt ♥



Everybody, please meet my companion, Salt.

So yeah, I’ve done my bucket list no. 4: Have a pet rabbit. 🙂 Actually, I preferred my rabbit to be male, pure brown or pure black. But I ended up getting a pure white female. She’s so lovely and fluffy you’ll gonna die!

Well, I’m just over reacting. You’ll not gonna die, of course. But she’s just so adorable! And I called her Salt because she’s so white. haha!


What are you lookin’ at?

I really didn’t plan to buy a rabbit at this time of the year, but my friend and I decided to go to the nearest pet shop and check all the rabbits available. And when we did, we’ve come across this little fellow and I swear, I can’t say no!

new 127

I guess you can never be really sure about anything unless you’re in that moment. I thought getting a pure brown, male rabbit in February is what I really want. But I ended up getting a pure white female rabbit in January and I’m still happy about it. 🙂

Do you have a pet? let’s have a talk! 🙂


Kimberly ♥

The Revolutionary Coffee Jelly

Okay, okay. Don’t freak out! this is an easy one, believe me.

Holidays are one of my most awaited moment. Aside from clothes, food is one of my favorites! This time though, I volunteered to make coffee jelly.

I was not made to cook, that’s for sure. But the future kinda freaks me out. I am a woman, and soon, I’ll have a family of my own. I don’t want my child to eat at the neighbor’s house and tell me later that day that his friend was so lucky because his mom cooks real good.

Well, you get the idea. That’s why I wanted to learn how to cook.

Anyway, as I was getting started in cooking, I wanted to cook easy recipes first just to make myself comfortable in the kitchen.

And so, My recipe goes like this:


enr 125

The Ingredients

2 packs lychee flavored gelatin (you can use unflavored, but lychee flavored ones are what makes the coffee jelly so good!)

1 1/2 cup sugar

3 1/2 tbs coffee

250 ml heavy cream

250 ml condensed milk

*that one can in the picture is already a combination of Condensed milk and heavy cream. Amazing, isn’t it?


1.) in a hollow pan, mix the powdered gelatin until no residues can be seen. (don’t heat it yet!)

2.) when the gelatin is fully mixed, bring the mixture to a boil

enr 128

Procedure no. 3

3.) add the sugar and coffee and mix it just as you would mix your regular black coffee every morning. Taste it and see if it favors your taste. If not, you may add what’s still missing.

enr 129

Procedure no. 4

4.) if the mixture is well-mixed, remove the pan and transfer the mixture to bowls or square pans.

5.) allow to cool before putting it to the refrigerator.

enr 136

Procedure no. 6

Still procedure no. 6

Still procedure no. 6

6.) once cooled and firm, cut it to squares. It doesn’t need to be even, though.

Procedure no.

Procedure no. 7

7.) mix the jellies with the condensed milk and heavy cream

8.) put it in the fridge again until cool.

Procedure no. 9 and 10 :)

Procedure no. 9 and 10 🙂

9.) Once settled, its ready to eat! Yay!

10.) Enjoy your revolutionary coffee Jelly. 🙂

I swear, this is so good that my mom and neighbors actually loved it! And to top it all off, this is an original recipe. haha!

Happy Eating!


Kimberly ♥

Welcome 2013!

Welcome 2013!

Last year may be a blast but this year will surely be awesome. Let’s hope for the best folks. 2013 will surely be an amazing year for all of us!

kudos to you!

Kimberly ♥

What’s With the Moon?

The Moon and all its glory.

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be in the Lantern Festival in town. There’s nothing special about it though, except for the moon. The moon’s so Amazing these past few moths. It seems so low and so… touchable. It made me want to ride a plane and see it. Haha!

enr 098

The moon with the first batch of sky lanterns

So I just wanted to share with you the moon’s picture. I mean, of course, no one owns the moon, its for nature, its for us, for humanity. But she was just so beautiful that I can’t help but take a few pictures.

enr 109

It’s kinda sad, actually. With all these technologies and fast track lifestyle, we forget about other things. Sometimes, I feel so loaded. Loaded with responsibilities, with yearnings, with so many other things. I feel like I’m always chasing time.

enr 113

The moon through a fish eye lens

Then that night, at the lantern festival, I look at the moon and I feel… Infinite. Now I understand Charlie in the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I feel as if the whole universe conspire to give me the moon and all its beauty.

enr 114

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. 🙂


Kimberly ♥

My Way to my 22-inch Waistline

Its bucket list no. 10!

Finally! after all the fuss and gossips about me gaining weight, I finally managed to tone down my figure. I think this will settle all the hearsays that I’m pregnant. haha!

After a week at the hospital last year due to Dengue Fever, my mom together with the doctors forced me to eat more than my usual meals. The physician, who is a kind lady, even prescribed drugs which will make me gain weight.

Months after, I’ve gained 10 pounds from 34 kg, making me a 40 kg woman. I know this sounds insane, I’ve read anorexic problems before over the Internet and an anorexic American woman is 40 kg. But believe me, I’m only 5 feet, and gaining 10 pounds made me look a little fluffy. I have small breast and no butt, so gaining weight and having fats in my stomach are surely not a good sight.

look at my protruding abomen. =.= (I'm the girl with the orange tee.)

look at my protruding abomen. =.= (I’m the girl with the orange tee.)

So anyway, from size 24, my jeans became size 26. And I cant wear my fitted shirts because I literally look like I’m pregnant (that’s how big my tummy is.)

And that’s when I started my diet plan.

My ultimate and primary goal is to tone my thighs and tummy, especially the lower abdomen. I’m don’t want to lose weight, I think 40 kg is okay, I just want to correct my figure.

I began my diet by knowing what my body type is, which is a Spoon Figure (that explains why my stomach and thighs aren’t always in perfect shape.)

I organized  series of exercises like crunches, running, mountain climbers, and so on for my problem areas . I did this every morning before taking a bath and every night before going to sleep. I even downloaded series of Nike’s ads like “Just Do It” and “Yesterday, you said Tomorrow” to motivate me.

My exercises written down. ♥

My exercises written down. ♥

Then I began to cut down the carbohydrates like rice, pasta, and white bread in my diet. This isn’t hard to do since I’m not a fan of rice and white breads in the first place. There’s an exception to pasta though. 😉 I’ve cut down the junk and frozen foods as well as sodas. I searched about foods which may substitute these. I also take note of the foods which will help me burn fats (there are really such foods. I’m amazed too. :))”

Foods written down!

Foods written down!

After five months, my body falls back to my usual figure. There are still fats on my lower abdomen, but its no longer obvious. I still did the exercises, but now, I only do it every Saturday. I now eat pastas and rice, but only in smaller portions. The junk foods and sodas however, are forever cut out.

my 22-inch waistline!

my 22-inch waistline! Success!



After eight months, I checked my measurements and my waistline was now 22 inches. My thighs are toned too. I’m using a good firming lotion to keep it from sagging from losing weight. I also checked my weight, but sadly, the weighing scale says I’m 34 kg. I still feel pretty normal though, and I’m not anorexic.

I think its a matter of self acceptance and drive. If I want it, I’ll get it. If I hate something about myself, I strive hard to change it. I believe that there’s no such thing as ugly ladies, only lazy ladies.

Once again, I don’t have any eating disorders. I still eat, and I stop eating when I feel full then I eat again if I’m hungry. Haha!


Kimberly ♥

the first photo is courtesy of my friend, K.E.S

Taylor Swift and her Sudden “Change”

Oh my, Taylor Swift’s new image as a pop star haunts me.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in 2008


Taylor Swift in 2012

Just recently, I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift. Don’t get me wrong here, I didn’t like Taylor Swift because of her new image or change of genre. I’ve been a fan because I find myself relating my stories to her songs. From Love Story, to Breathe, to Dear John and Back to December, I have that “Oh, yeah! that’s it! You got it!” feeling.

And as I was still dwelling and listening to T-Swift’s songs, the Red album announced its official released date and her songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Red, The Last Time, and Begin Again was added to my favorite list. The first time I’ve heard the album’s first few tracks, I know that there’s a major change coming up, and I’m well aware that Taylor’s been thinking of going pop from her usual country style.


Taylor Swift Debut Album in 2006


Taylor Swift 2nd Album in 2008

People Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 3rd Album 2010


Taylor swift 4th Album, 2012

It was only last night, when I saw the Official Music Video of I knew You Were Trouble, that Taylor’s new image finally downed on me. With her punk outfit, eyeliners, ombre pink hair, I’m in awe. The video was a lot like Rihanna’s We Found Love with a twist of Lana del Rey’s Ride.

There are negative comments about Taylor’s change of genre though. Some are against it, they said Taylor’s more fit to country than pop. I doubt it.

Taylor didn’t really switched to pop. Her songs Begin Again and 22 are still country. Taylor’s just exploring and experimenting with different genres to know her capacities and limits. Her songs are becoming more mature, she needs it to grow and to move forward in her career, which is a good thing for a singer.

As of now, I still find my stories in her songs so I’m still a fan. When a singer connects really well with her audience, I think she’s doing a good job. And Taylor Swift does.

Here’s I knew You Were Trouble Official Music Video. 🙂 Brace yourself, and enjoy. :))


Kimberly. :))

Writer’s Inspiration

Writer's Inspiration

One of my professors posted this on our Facebook group. I’m so inspired and I thought that this is worth sharing. I’m an aspiring writer, but sometimes, its really hard to keep track to writing. And this helped me go back every time I’m lost.

My favorite part?

“You are the master of inspiration, not its slave”

I hope you get inspired too. 🙂

Happy writing everyone.

Kimberly 🙂

2012 Dayaw Festival: A Closer Look to the Philippines’ Ethnic Minorities

Magandang Araw sa inyo aking mga kaibigan. 🙂

(translated as: Good day to all of  you, my friends. ;))


Dayaw Festival 2012

Last week, October 27-29, the Dayaw Festival also known as the festival of the indigenous people was hosted by my province, Bulacan. it was the kind of festival that takes place in different parts of the country to showcase the different ethnic minorities as well as their products. And this year, I finally have the chance to go to the said festival (thanks to our Governor)


The Dancers in the festival, presenting the history of their ethnicity by means of an interpretative dance

It was colorful, just like any other fiestas if you’ve been to one. There are different presentations from different ethnicity. And what I like most, is that you can see their rich culture, and slightly feel bad because nowadays, they don’t get the kind of respect they deserve.


The Ethnicity called “The Agta of the South” observing people as they come in to the trade fair.

The fun part was the trade fair. There are lots of stalls from different minority groups showcasing their handmade products. The price is just right, the bead works, woven fabrics, metal works and so on are carefully done. It was their culture at its finest.


A lady from Mangyan tribe, looking at other tribe’s products. 🙂


A seller from the T’boli tribe, Selling her tribe’s handiworks.

At the end of the day, everyone’s happy about the event. Dayaw Festival is  a constant reminder to us that we should always look where we came from, and that respect begets respect.


This woman from Kalinga is laughing out loud as she exchanged jokes with her buyers.

I was so lucky to get a chance to cover and go to Dayaw festival. It was one of a kind. I would love to go there again when I get the chance though I have no idea what province will host this event next.

 Anyway, this is a wonderful experience.


Kimberly ♥