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He Should Be a Good Boy

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He should be a good boy poem

He Should Be a Good Boy poem

Somebody sent me an email to give me some advice and pointers regarding my poems (Thank you, Nellie!). As you can see, most of my poems are all about love because that’s the easiest subject for me. So today, I tried to venture into something completely different and I decided to write a poem about faith, religion, and humanity. (Actually, I wrote this yesterday. LMAO)

Faith and religion are two different things. You can be faithful without your religion but you can’t be religious without being faithful. And I think that one of the main reasons for religion’s diversity is because of our lack of faith. Given our cognitive privileges, only a human being has the power to change the world’s view about everything. Maybe that’s where it all started. Someone insisted that his God is the real God, without realizing that their Gods is all the same. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to explain but you get what I mean, right? (That’s just a wild guess, anyway.)

Moving on, this is my poem and I hope ya’ll enjoy this. Just send me an email on my “CONTACT ME” page if you have suggestions or whatsoever. 😉

Remember to always be a good human, alright? 🙂

You can also check out some of my literary works.  ♥


Kimberly. ♥


SHE: A poem

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SHE: A poem

Okay, so uh, I’m quite bored and busy at the same time (I don’t know if that’s even possible, LOL)

Anyway, this is a poem made by me. Enjoy. 😉

See my other literary works. 🙂

Kim. ♥

One Morning, I Woke Up and There Was No You

Photo for inspirational purposes only.

Photo for inspirational purposes only.

One Morning, I Woke Up and There Was No You


One morning, I woke up and there was no you,

I looked around and all I see is an empty room full of offensive memories,

of loud moans, faint cries, and genuine laughter.

One morning, I woke up and I am empty.


I can still smell the faint smell of your Marlboro Reds,

and I wondered if you can smell my perfume right at this very moment.

I wonder if you miss my skin like I miss yours,

And I wonder if I was imprinted in your life like the tattoos on your arms.


One morning, I woke up and there was no you,

no paintbrush, no colors, no canvass.

You told me that you would make a colorful world,

and I told you that I will help you with my words, letters, and run-on sentences.

I guess it will never happen, now.

Because one morning, I woke up and the world was dull.


You may wonder what I did when you left.

I forced my feet to stand and walk on their own,

I forced my hands to give me the most beautiful color that ever existed,

and my feet led me out the door,

and my hands gave me a Crayola,

I flipped it over and the color is named “Burn it all”.


So I gathered all your things and your shadows and my memories of you.

I burn them in the garage.

and I watched as the fire warm me and protect me against the cold, rainy morning.

And I smile because I finally realized how much comfort it brings me to finally let you go.


One Morning, I woke up and there was no you.

You never came back.

So I put on my shoes and live my life,

hoping that  one morning, I’ll wake up and I won’t remember you at all.


This poem is mine, all copyrights intended. :)
See my other works here.


Kim ♥

Poem no. 5: Everything Breaks

photo for inspirational purposes only.

photo for inspirational purposes only.

Everything Breaks



“I promise”, he said.

These are his words,

and it lingers in my mind.

Time after time after time.


“I love you”

he said one more time.

I feel afraid, afraid to fall,

afraid to love, afraid to break.


But damn.

the joy, the chills, the love.

And the sky cries its tears.

Jealous of it all.


“Why me?”, I asked.

Curious of the reason,

trying to see what he sees in me.

Am I dreaming? I hope not.


I love him with my being,

with my scars, with my spaces.

with everything I am,

and everything I will ever be.


“I love her.”

he said one day,

and I feel everything breaks.

From the walls, to the frames, to my world

to my bones, my nerves, and my heart.


“Why?”, I asked.

curious of the reason,

giving him a chance to explain.

Am I dreaming? I hope I am.


“I don’t know”, he said.

And then he doesn’t say a word again,

not even sorry, not even goodbye.

And just like that,

he left.


Darling, why?

you fixed me,

then you break me.

Who’s going to clean up the mess?


“Let’s move on.”

the hardest part of it all,

with conviction, he said it.

But I don’t know where to go.


He brought me to a place

I have never gone before

showed me everything

I have never seen before

“Darling, Where would I go?”


And the sky cries one more time,

one cold September night.

And I wish, how I wish!

that I drift away with the dirt of the earth,

and come out as a new person,

living a new life,

starting a new love,

forgetting everything,



But here I am,

here I am.

I’m the one who’s cleaning this mess,

our mess.

Poem no. 4: The Reason Why Patience is Sometimes not a Virtue

the photo is used for inspirational purpose only.

the photo is used for inspirational purpose only.


Another literary post, anyone?

I’m thinking of making a prose, but decided against it since my mood swings tell me that I ought to make a poem instead. haha! This poem however is longer than my usual works, but like them, it’s still a free verse (How I love free verse!) I still have lots of long poems, but some of them are already in the hands of musicians and literary admirers. (I sometimes, give away poems for free, just for fun. LOL)

Anyway, here’s the poem entitled The Reason Why Patience is Sometimes not a Virtue

The Reason Why Patience is Sometimes not a Virtue

By Kimberly Jane Sioco


It’s been a while since we’ve lost it.

Where have you been?

What are you up to?

And so it goes.


This is kind of sad,

To see you in your best self,

In your best tuxedo,

While waiting patiently, patiently


I know I shouldn’t bother,

My mind and heart are in conflict,

To think that you’re only feet away,

Within reach of anybody yet out of mine.


Maybe this is the most melancholy

of all my days,

you seemed happy,

yet so close to breaking down.

While waiting patiently, patiently


You saw me and smiled,

And the pain of yesterday came back,

out of nowhere, like a catastrophe,

bringing me down, letting me fall

A thousand feet off the ground.


So I brace myself and close my eyes

Forcing away the tears and nostalgia,

You look exactly the same ten years ago,

When I love you and you loved me back.

As you wait patiently, patiently.


To your blushing bride,

who’s walking down the aisle.

 The poem is kinda sad, I know. But what else could I do? I’m quite fond of sad stories especially poems. And it’s been a great experience for me to write one. 🙂

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed this. 🙂



Poem no. 2: Johnny the Introvert

Its been ages since I’ve posted a poem about city hypocrisy. And I’ve been thinking about how deprived I am with literature. Haha!

So as I stick my nose in books again, I also began writing poems. And lately, I’ve been thinking about introverts with no apparent reason. Maybe because I am one, I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s my poem no. 2 entitled Johnny the Introvert. This may seem like a ridiculous title but I know this will get your attention in the first pace. And besides, Johnny is a nicer name. At least, better than Kimmy. I think I should name this Jomar or Richard after my man, but decided not to do so. He’ll probably kill me. haha!

This photo is for inspirational purposes only

This photo is for inspirational purposes only

Anyway, here’s my poem. 🙂

Johnny the Introvert

Johnny the Introvert



Kimberly ♥