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yeyHello there, readers!

This will be my last post for Yes, you read that right.

But don’t worry, because is now alive and kicking! LMAO. You can still get updates from me and my never ending adventures and failures. My platform is still WordPress so you can always follow me again. πŸ˜‰

Thank you for one and a half year of support and love! Seriously, I won’t be able to do this without you. πŸ™‚

See you, folks! Visit the new Flowers for KimberlyΒ and tell me what you think!


Kimberly β™₯


Flowers And Feminism

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So I’ve bumped upon this “Run Like a Girl” campaign from Always and I’ve never been so proud of my gender. *Blushes*

People have this notion that being a woman means being weak. Maybe because we’re always the ones who loved way too much and are always vocal about it. Maybe because we are allowed to cry. Or maybe because the society protects us more because of the fact that more and more men perceive us as sex objects.

The truth is it’s a man’s world, and it will always be until the women of our generation make their stand and decides to tell the world that women, like men, deserves the freedom to walk alone at night without ever worrying about rape, the freedom to speak their mind in law school without being judge for being a woman, the right to choose when she needs to settle down without people telling her that she’s beyond her time. We don’t need strong-willed and outspoken women, we need women who knows their worth and decides when to say “NO” when they’re not enjoying themselves anymore.

We need women who travels a lot so she knows her value in the eyes of every race, of every community. We need women who reads and who writes, so she’ll drown the world with her words, with her wit, with her intelligence. And even if our current situation still involves sexism and misogyny, our minds will be free.

Lastly, we need a woman who’s unbiased, who knows that respect needs to be earned. That in order to be respected, we must also respect others. That in order to not be judged, we should also refrain from being judgmental. That feminism aims for gender equality, not gender greatness. We shouldn’t think that we are better than men, rather, we should keep in mind that we are equal to men.

We need the world to know that rape isn’t okay, and it will never be. That gender oppression is not our fault. We are striving for equality because we want to prove that we are not weak, that it’s okay to run for marathons and win. That it’s okay to beat a man’s ass in Tekken, that it’s okay to wear whatever we like without being called a whore or a slut, that high heels and lipstick doesn’t really mean that we’re dumb. And that wearing our bikini doesn’t mean that we’re asking to be sexually assaulted.

And I am not only calling the attention of all our women. I am also trying to reach our men. Weigh your words carefully, respect women because you want to get the same respect. If you offend a woman, think about your mother, your grandma, your sisters, your wife, your daughter. Think about how it feels like if you were sodomized and your ass was ripped open by someone because you’re a weak shit.

Think about that. And think about that real hard.

He Should Be a Good Boy

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He should be a good boy poem

He Should Be a Good Boy poem

Somebody sent me an email to give me some advice and pointers regarding my poems (Thank you, Nellie!). As you can see, most of my poems are all about love because that’s the easiest subject for me. So today, I tried to venture into something completely different and I decided to write a poem about faith, religion, and humanity. (Actually, I wrote this yesterday. LMAO)

Faith and religion are two different things. You can be faithful without your religion but you can’t be religious without being faithful. And I think that one of the main reasons for religion’s diversity is because of our lack of faith. Given our cognitive privileges, only a human being has the power to change the world’s view about everything. Maybe that’s where it all started. Someone insisted that his God is the real God, without realizing that their Gods is all the same. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to explain but you get what I mean, right? (That’s just a wild guess, anyway.)

Moving on, this is my poem and I hope ya’ll enjoy this. Just send me an email on my “CONTACT ME” page if you have suggestions or whatsoever. πŸ˜‰

Remember to always be a good human, alright? πŸ™‚

You can also check out some of my literary works. Β β™₯


Kimberly. β™₯

SHE: A poem

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SHE: A poem

Okay, so uh, I’m quite bored and busy at the same time (I don’t know if that’s even possible, LOL)

Anyway, this is a poem made by me. Enjoy. πŸ˜‰

See my other literary works. πŸ™‚

Kim. β™₯

The Truth About My Choice to Stay Single

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Photo for inspirational purposes only.

Photo for inspirational purposes only.

Alright, alright. This is another inspirational and personal post for FFK.

Lately, I find myself pressured to have a new partner. After my break-up from my first boyfriend, everybody’s been all eyes and all ears on who I’m with and who among them that I’m actually dating, and who among them will probably be my next love interest. I mean, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about. I’m only twenty. Ten years to thirty and I’m not even close to settling down. Even my Mom bugs me about my current love situation now that I have a job and all, and all I could do is shrug and tell her it will come in the right time.

Yes, okay. I won’t be hypocrite about it, I’m dating guys. And it fucking bores me. Opening yourself and your life to someone again, it somehow get in your nerves. I just want some time alone. That’s it. And when I told them that sentence, they thought that I’m a bitter bitch who can’t get over with her first love.

Well, that’s partly true. PARTLY. Because who can forget about their first love, right?

And here’s the whole truth.

I’m not single because I live in unending bitterness as I sulk in the corner thinking how that bastard broke my heart. NO. I’m single because I chose to. For what he’s up to right now, I’m happy for him. Maybe our relationship won’t really work out well if we stayed for too long. Maybe we’re both toxic to each other, maybe we drag each other down instead of lifting each other up. We made mistakes, I made mistakes. But I’m not the same person since then, because I learned.

I’m single because I want to do what I want to do before. And I want to do it alone. I want to love myself first and accept all the imperfections that I have so nobody can use it against me. I want to save myself because I’m no princess, and I don’t need to be saved. Because in solitary loneliness, you’ll have a clear view of what you really want and how you really want them.

I want to fall in love with my books, with my writings, with my words. I want to fall in love with the world and all its heartaches and glory. I want to just go out there and live. Just live. Savor every breath I take, enjoy every beer, every coffee, every late night talks, every pancakes and cheesecakes, and waffles, and dark chocolates. I want to touch the impossible, and probably fight the impossible. I want to live without any restrictions, or without worrying about anything nor anyone.

And I don’t think that I need a man to do it with me right now. Because I believe that this moment is mine. And I need this as much as I need that thick slice of pizza. Haha.

And to those who are currently undergoing this very situation, you are not alone.

To those who already went through it, I am very proud of you. πŸ™‚


Kim. β™₯

Surfing for Summer

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hello, Baler. πŸ™‚

Seems like my bucket list is coming true one by one! Now, it’s Bucket list no. 4, Be somewhere I’ve never been before.

Just last week, (Pardon me for the late blog post.) my friend and I gave Baler, Aurora a shot. It was hot and humid in Bulacan and Manila, and I just want to leave the fuck out and have some quality time at the beach. I also have a lot of things to think about lately that this Baler break sound to me Β as a bell ringing in my ears. This is the perfect time to unwind and reduce huge amount of Stress.

Me and my friend, Zhea. :)

Me and my friend, Zhea. πŸ™‚

So that was that, we agreed to meet in the morning of May 22, with my good backpack, a camera, a destination, and a good friend, nothing could go wrong, right?

As usual, I was late. And I swear, I would’ve annoy the hell out of my friend, Zhea. Just like I annoyed my boyfriend that morning, ranting how late I am. But thankfully, we arrived safely after a 7-hour trip. (yes, that was long, indeed)

Zhea killed this Crab, and want to  make a key chain out of it. hahaha!

Zhea killed this Crab, and want to make a key chain out of it. hahaha!

We din’t do anything much on our first day. We just eat what our tummy deserves, which is Suman, Pancit, Sisig (This, I swear, is Β heaven), Seafood Pasta, Hot Buffalo wings, and so much more.

The next morning is the start of the real adventure. Zhea wants to try surfing, but I hesitated. See, I’m not a swimmer, I don’t even know how to swim. There are so many what-ifs in my mind like “what if I fall?” “What if I look like an idiot?” “What if I completely fucked it up?” Aside from the fact that I’m not a swimmer, I’m also a slow learner. So I guess, you get the idea.

A jellyfish!

A jellyfish!

I made it!

I made it!

But I MADE IT! after series of falling and drinking salt water that I began to think there’s a sand accumulating in my lungs and stomach (and probably having their own beach inside me. HAHA), I gloriously made it without falling. πŸ™‚

It’s just sad that we have to go right away to visit Mother Falls, but it was worth it. Mother Falls is a Paradise.

When we arrived in the area with all the scratches we received from surfing, I’ not really up for a long trek. But since we were there, there’s not much I can do but climb that mountain.

The way to Mother Falls. >.<

The way to Mother Falls. >.<

Hey, that was me!

Hey, that’s me!

The mountain is so alive, by the way. We’ve seen numerous species of butterflies, dragonflies and other insects. They were all beautiful. We even see a baby snake and have the guts to take a photo. LOL.

This butterfly is so beautiful. :)

This butterfly is so beautiful. πŸ™‚

A snake!

A snake!

The way to the falls is not only hard but a risky one. The rocks are slippery and high, and the water flows rapidly. After crossing four rivers, we finally arrived at the falls.

And it’s like a storm, the water is so cold we all scream. Β It’s Amazing!


Paradise, eh?

The water is so cold, I swear! I get numerous cramps!

The water is so cold, I swear! I get numerous cramps!

On our way home, we were dead tired. Our experience with Baler is a good one. And we are beyond willing to go back. πŸ™‚

I’m thinking of buying my own surfboard. HAHA!

for my remaining bucket list, click here:Β πŸ™‚


Kimberly ❀